iriver plus

iriver plus 3.0

With iriver PLUS, you can enjoy music, videos, photos and e-books to the full
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Its CD ripping feature enables you to convert music albums into MP3 files, arrange and manage them in folders. Not only music files but also files in various formats stored in your hard disk can be arranged according to each tab for assortment.
Since the user interface of iriver PLUS is similar to that of a file browser, the basic Windows application, you don't need additional guides. Compared to the previous version, the interface is more convenient and speedy. Help in each menu allows you to find the answers for any questions you may have.
With iriver PLUS, you can use the music tag information provided by All Media Guide? Just choose a song and use the album-based search to enjoy the album art with details including song title and singer.
iriver PLUS is a software program that provides upgrades and this constantly supports users based on their needs. You will see iriver PLUS intelligently evolving every time you use it.

* - Manage your music files with ease and fun
* - User-friendly interface
* - Touch your sensibility with album art
* - Additional functions via automatic upgrades
* - Music player supporting various file formats
* - Media Sync with other iriver devices
* - Make your own fun jukebox
* - Fastest search for media files
* - Your own photo album anytime, anywhere
* - Read documents with the text converting function
* - Monitor through the status window
* - Just drag and drop to convert video files

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